About Amesbury

Earning its name from its English heritage, Amesbury has its roots in the 1600s upon settlement. Over time, Amesbury became a bustling industrious community, taking advantage of both the Merrimack River and Powwow River. Mills were built along the falls, and the infamous carriagetown grew.

Now, Amesbury has become a city that stills feels like a town, with an emphasis on community and support. With a population of over 16,000, Amesbury continues to grow. With it, businesses are opening with the realization that Amesbury is the up and coming location where success stories can be made with the effort to push forward.

Amesbury is less than an hour’s drive north of Boston, even closer to the ocean, and sits just below the New Hampshire border. Within it, there are a variety of open spaces that make it a great place to enjoy the outdoors. With farms and fields and lakes and rivers, Amesbury makes it easy to escape even without ever leaving its borders. Being in New England, the four seasons are quite prevalent, with hot summers and cold winters which can best be approached with an optimistic view for the weather-specific activities. The New England Sports Park in Amesbury is a prime example of this, adapting to offer tubing down its hill throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking to revel in the history, eat a fantastic meal at one of the many great options of restaurants in Amesbury, shop the unique local businesses, or something completely different, there is plenty to enjoy and much to explore in Amesbury!