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Amesbury Board & BrushWhen Fiddlestix announced it was closing its doors many were sad to lose a business that held a strong history in Amesbury. However, it wasn’t long before Dena Talbot and her family decided to fill the space. Since then they have worked hard to restore the location and highlight its character, opening the doors to a new chapter for Amesbury. The new Amesbury Board & Brush will celebrate its Grand Opening soon!

Hosting DIY wood sign workshops, Board & Brush Creative Studio began its story in March of 2015 in Wisconsin and has since grown with over 100 locations nationwide. A Midwesterner herself, Talbot grew up in Indiana before finding her way to Amesbury. Although she had never been to a Board & Brush before, seeing how much her friends enjoyed their experiences inspired her to bring this opportunity to Amesbury, a first of its kind for Massachusetts. “I wanted to bring business to the downtown area that I felt we could use, and just something to bring people here that normally wouldn’t be coming here.” With the new hockey complex in the works, this idea is ever more present, with businesses looking to expand Amesbury’s offerings to its guests. “Without having a draw to downtown, they might not even know what else is down here, so I think we can all benefit from that.”

When you register for a workshop online you pick the project you want to do with whatever customizations you will make. When you arrive, the wood and stencils and everything you need will be at the table waiting for you ready to go. Workshops are typically three hours long, or two hours for a quicker project, and include all the materials you need for your project from start to finish. “When they leave here they have a board that they go home and hang on their walls. I think a lot of people aren’t expecting to actually leave with something that they’re proud of, but they do! Most people know where they’re going to put it before they come here.”

Talbot's Sign from Board & Brush

Being a part of the franchise has taken away a lot of the guesswork that comes with opening a new business. The process is tried and true and means that the customer experience will be fantastic without all the adjustments in the learning process. “It’s only been two years, but they know what works and what doesn’t and they pass it on to you.” Having gone through a training process and meeting others who are also opening their own franchises has also been immensely helpful for Talbot. “I was texting them all morning, ‘how do I do this?’ or ‘what did you do for this?’ and they’re sending messages back, so just having those other people there that are going through it and have ideas. If I can’t get a hold of someone at corporate, I can get a hold of someone there, and they just did it. It’s nice to have them to fall back on.”

With over 200 designs and new releases being added on the first of every month, Talbot assures that there’s something for everyone, and when she says everyone, she means it. “You don’t have to be artistic — not at all. My eleven year old did it, my neighbor did it, my husband’s done it. It’s for everyone.”

Gather your family and friends and enjoy a night out or weekend in Amesbury! Board & Brush is BYOB, so you can bring whatever drinks or snacks you wish, but there are many fantastic restaurants nearby to take advantage of before or after the workshop.

Punchcards for a free workshop are available to frequent goers, and other promotions and contests can occasionally be found on Facebook, so make sure to follow Board & Brush to stay up to date!

Please join us in welcoming Board & Brush and wishing all the best to Dena Talbot and her family and staff!

Board & Brush Grand Opening

Wednesday, August 9th: 4 to 7pm
Date has been postponed. Please stay tuned!
Open house with light hors d’oeuvres & refreshments

25 Main Street | 978-971-8150
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