Gluten-Free Restaurants

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Amesbury, MA

For those with celiac disease who need to avoid gluten in their diet, Amesbury has restaurants that cater to this need!

The Barn Pub & Grille

With a deep understanding of celiac disease and gluten intolerance and the need to avoid cross-contamination, The Barn guarantees that you will have a great dining experience without having to miss out on variety. In fact, The Barn has a complete gluten-free menu making it easy to navigate and enjoy! With a designated gluten-free fryer, prep station and clean utensils, The Barn ensures that you will have a safe dining experience without any worry, making this the top choice for a gluten-free restaurant in Amesbury.

Gluten-Free Pizza

Just because you have a gluten intolerance doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the great pizza places in Amesbury! Flatbread Pizza, Naples, Busy Bee, Charlie’s, and Papa Gino’s all offer a gluten-free dough option. Be sure to check with the individual restaurants about avoiding any cross-contamination.

No Gluten-Free Menu? Just Ask!

If you don’t see anything indicating a gluten-free option on a menu, just ask. Many Amesbury restaurants have trained their waitstaff to help explain what is and isn’t gluten-free on their menu, and what can be changed to accommodate your needs. Restaurants like Phat Cats Bistro, The Ale House, and The Barking Dog will do their best to serve you delicious meals free of gluten. Just because you need to avoid gluten, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on your dining options, and Amesbury restaurants make it easy.

As always, please let your server know of your needs before ordering so that they can ensure the best experience for you.